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Fashions fade, style is eternal

Introducing our elegant & exquisite range of Farashas, inspired by the traditional styles of South Asia and the Middle East. These glamorous garments are perfect for any type of event. Showcasing a palette of various colourful tones representing everything from the coral Mediterranean seas to the fiery amber horizons across India. Bright enough to fill any room with your presence. Farasha gowns are very comfortable to wear and complement the form of any woman. They are made from a wide range of designs and patterns.

Dazzle London presents you garments fit for any season fashioned with fabrics such as chiffon, lycra, satin and georgette coupled with a unique variety of embellishments, prints, sophisticated embroidery fit for different types of occasions.

Accessories such as sophisticated purses and jewellery are also available in ours store. These items add an extra “wow factor” to your dress. Why not buy a stylish handbag alongside your Farasha to complete your finished look? Our jewellery fully encompasses the traditional styles of Indian jewellery mixed with a sleek modernised touch. Instantly creating a strong feminine impact.

Dazzle London is a clothing business with a strong South Asian influence based in East End of London. We specialise in a variety of Farashas, Abayas, Gowns and Accessories. We fully support the notion of individuality within the fashion industry.


Everyone has their own unique style and sense of identity.


Our beloved collections work to suit numerous amounts of styles as we try to appeal to a diverse range of potential customers.


A combustion of alarming colours matching the Arabian deserts and the melancholy night skies can be found in all our garments.


Your voyage to the styles of the East begins with Dazzle London.

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